Changing a Windows 2008 R2 SID

In my test environment I had a need to duplicate a Windows 2008 R2 server to do some DFS testing. Rather than install a new one and patch it, I chose to create a linked clone from within VM Workstation.

The problem with a clone is that both the original and cloned machines will have the same machine SID which I wanted to avoid.

I used a tool called psgetsid from the set of Windows Sysinternals PS Tools by Mark Russinovich (see link below).

I ran this on the original machine and the cloned machine and I could see both the SIDs were identical.

On the cloned machine I ran Sysprep from the run menu, and then selected the Generalize option to create a new SID.

Once Sysprep had completed and rebooted I got the screen below.

Once I’d completed the wizard and changed the name of the server from the automatically generated one back to srv2 I re-ran psgetsid.

Now with a unique cloned server I can get on with the DFS testing!

See the list of useful resources below.