Sophos Endpoint: How to change the update location if it is greyed out

How to edit the Sophos Endpoint AutoUpdate locationIf you attempt to change the update location or credentials for a Sophos Antivirus Endpoint client, and the client is unable to contact the Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center (they may be out of the office on the road), you may find the properties for the Sophos AutoUpdate are greyed out.

Usually the settings for Updating are centrally managed and deployed. However, if you need to make a change follow the instructions below.

Go to the following folder and edit the iconn.cfg file using notepad:

For Windows 7 – ProgramDataSophosAutoUpdateConfig

For Windows XP – Program FilesSophosAutoUpdateConfig

You may need to give the user editing the iconn.cfg file permissions to write to the folder, my user account had read only.

In my scenario, Sophos changed our update username and password while I had a few clients on the road so I had to edit the WebConfig_Secondary location.

Change the AllowLocalConfig=0 to 1 and save the file.

AllowLocalConfig = 0
AutoDialTimeout =
LocalPath =
DownloadGranularity =
ConnectionAddress =
UseSophos = 1
UserName = sbe********
UserPassword = ******************
ConnectionType = HTTP
AutoDial = 0
BandwidthLimit = 0

Open Sophos Endpoint and select the Configure menu, select the Updating item. You should now find the Secondary location is editable.

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