9 thoughts on “How to setup Outlook.com with your own domain and configure the WordPress.com DNS

      1. paulh8

        Thanks. I added one address successfully by adding an extra member to the domain. Having searched more, I also conclude it isn’t possible to have a catchall, although hopefully Microsoft will see the need to support this sometime in future.

  1. rje611

    I set up a member account on my domain. I created a simple password for a first login. The member cannot login using the password I gave here. How do I change that password so she can use the account. In Gmail this is so easy. All you do is “manage this domain” and any user password can be changed,

    1. OxfordSBSguy.com

      It looks like the only options are delete or suspend. As the account is new I would delete it and recreate it. Not ideal, but i can’t see another way of resetting the password. If you find out how drop me a line.

  2. Carlos Rivera

    I followed the instructions described above. I change the MX settings on my host provider however now when I go to the Windows live admin center and try to do a refresh on my domain it says that the services have been suspended. Is there anyway I can get this corrected. The weird thing is is that email to and from Outlook.com using this domain name works fine I just can’t create new mail accounts because of the suspension.

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