How to change the Office 2013 Colour Scheme

Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is not easy on the eye, personally I find the lack of contrast and available colour schemes to be one of the reasons why i don’t enjoy using it as much as Office 2010.

Currently there are three colour schemes available to you, White, Light Grey and Dary Grey. Screen shots of each are at the end of the article, but you will struggle to see much of a difference between them.

If you want to change the colour scheme, open any of the office applications. Select the File tab, and then click Office Account. You’ll be presented with the following options if you are not signed in to your Microsoft account.
Office 2013 Office Acount Settings not signed in.

Or if you are signed in, you get the additional option of an Office Background (thanks Microsoft).

Office 2013 Office Acount Settings signed in.

White Colour Scheme
Outlook 2013 White Colour Scheme
Light Grey Colour Scheme
Outlook 2013 Light Grey Colour Scheme

Dark Grey Colour Scheme
Outlook 2013 Dark Grey Colour Scheme

Hopefully, more colour schemes will be available in the future?

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