How to display Celsius on the Outlook 2013 Weather Bar

Office 2013By default the in Outlook 2013, the Outlook Weather Bar will display temperatures in Fahrenheit, if you want to change the settings to show the temperature in Celsius follow these simple instructions.

Open Outlook 2013.

Click the File tab.

Click Options.

Outlook 2013 OptionsWhen the Options dialogue box opens select Calendar from the left hand menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the options page.

Change the radio button from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and click OK.

Outlook 2013 Options - Calendar - Celsius

You’ll now see temperatures in Celsius.

Outlook 2013 Calendar - Celsius


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16 thoughts on “How to display Celsius on the Outlook 2013 Weather Bar

  1. Egil

    Thanks. This is obviously a bug in Outlook, it really should have defaulted to the current locale, and when this is “Metric” it should definitely have shown Celcius and km/h without any more fuss (and BTW they did even not get the abbreviation right, they say “km/hr” !!)

    1. blh_

      I’m suprised they even know what metric is. 😉

      Ironic that Americans declare their independence from the Monarchy and over two hundred years later still cling to an Imperial unit of measure…

    2. Marja

      I agree, it should read the locale for this. But (at least) in sea wheather forecasting wind speed is usually measured with m/s, not km/h.

  2. David

    Thank you, that was useful.
    But it’s rather disturbing to find that when I swap between Fahrenheit and Celcius, the icon for the weather forecast changes from showers to cloudy with sunny spells!

  3. blh_

    Thanks so much for this. I know I’m going to be getting calls from our user community on this one! lol

  4. JM

    Thanks for this. I don’t know why MS didn’t allow you to change this by clicking on the weather bar itself, instead of having to navigate through all those menus…!

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