Using File Server Resource Monitor to monitor the SBS 2008 DataServiceComponents.log file size

In a previous post here I discussed the DataServiceCompents.log file, and how to archive it and recreate a new log file to free up some additional disk space on C:.

So you don’t have to keep checking the directory and log file to make sure it isn’t getting huge, you can use the File Server Resource Monitor component of SBS 2008 to create a Storage Report to run automatically, and email the results to you.

1. From the Start menu select Administrative Tools and File Server Resource Manager.File Server Resource Manager2. Right click Storage Reports Management and select Schedule a New Report Task.

File Server Resource Manager - Schedule a New Report Task

3. Select the report data, in our case Large Files, you can also select the report format here. Click the Edit Parameters box.

Schedule a New Report Task - Select Large Files

4.  Specify the minimum file size you want to report on and click OK, in our case we want the report to show files over 95MBSchedule a New Report Task - Specify a size

5. Specify the folder you want the report to run on. For the dataservicecomponents.log file the folder is – C:Program FilesWindows Small Business ServerLogsMonitoringServiceLogs.

Schedule a New Report Task - Add a Folder

6. On the schedule tab specify a time and date and frequency you want the report to run on.

Schedule a New Report Task - Add a Schedule

7. On the delivery tab specify an email address to send the report to, and then click OK to complete the report setup.

Schedule a New Report Task - Send Report to

8. Right click the new Report Task and select Run Report Task Now so we can check the report is setup correctly and showing us the data we expect to see.

File Server Resource Manager - Run Report Task Now

9. Choose the report generation option, and click OK.

File Server Resource Manager - Generate Storage Report

10. Take a look at the Storage Report. In the extract below I’m monitoring from the Logs folder level, and there are three files over 95MB

File Server Resource Manager - Extract of a Storage Report