How to delete the Dataservicecomponents.log file in SBS 2008

Small Business Server 2008

I originally wrote an article about general diskspace issues on an SBS 2008 server back in October which can be found here. 

In it I touched on deleting the dataservicecomponents.log file to free up space, but having had to do the same thing again today on a different server. I noticed the instructions were pretty well hidden in a body of text. So here is a quick post to rectify that.

How to delete the dataservicecomponents.log file in SBS 2008

1. Close the SBS Console.

2. Stop the Windows SBS Service.

3. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\MonitoringServiceLogs\ folder.

4. Archive/delete/move the dataservicecomponents.log file

5. Restart the Windows SBS Service. A new log file will be automatically generated.

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