How to recover a Word document

Microsoft Office 2010

A customer had been working on a large document this week and forgot to save her work before closing Word. So she called up to see if we could recover the document.

Here is how to do it in Word 2010, the same process can be used for Word 2013.

1. Open Word and check the AutoRecover options. Click File, Options, then in the dialogue box select Save from the left hand side.

Word Options - AutoRecover

2. Highlight the AutoRecvover file location and press Ctrl + C, to copy it.

3. Click File, Open, paste the AutoRecover location into the address bar at the top of the dialogue box, and then change the file type in the bottom right hand corner from docx to All Files (*.*).

Word 2010 Recover Unsaved File select ASD file

4. Select the Auto Recovery save and click open. The document will open and an alert bar will prompt you to Compare of Restore the file.

Word 2010 Recover Unsaved File5.  If you select Compare the file you will see the review pane.

Word 2010 Recover Unsaved File Comparison6. If you select Restore, you’ll be warned about overwriting the last saved version.

Word 2010 Recover Unsaved File - confirm save7. Click OK to complete the recovery.

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