ESXi 5.1 – VMware Tools – [warning] [vmusr:vmusr] Error in the RPC receive loop: RpcIn: Unable to Send.


While checking the Application log files recently on some virtual machines hosted on ESXi 5.1 I noticed that the logs were filling up with the following error message. This made the Application logs pretty useless as we we retaining less than 12 hours of events, rather than the several weeks I would expect.

Event ID 1000, VMware Tools

[warning] [vmusr:vmusr] Error in the RPC receive loop: RpcIn: Unable to Send.

Event ID 1000 VMware Tools

Event ID 1000, VMware Tools

After doing some research it appears that issue was caused during the upgrade to ESXi 5.1. The following VMware knowledge base article has more details, KB2036350.

The issue has been resolved in Patch ESXi510-201212402-BG, but my client was in the middle of a large project so scheduling downtime to apply patches was not an option.

Instead I followed the instructions in the first part of the knowledge base article:

1. Created a Tools.conf file in C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware Tools Note:you may need to give yourself permission to the folder before you an create the file.

2. Added the following lines:


vmusr.level = error

3. Save and close the file.

4. Restart the VMTools service.

We’ll be upgrading our ESXi servers in a couple of months so I will post an update when complete.

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