How to open Office applications in Safe Mode (without Add-Ins)

Microsoft Office 2010

After reinstalling Adobe Arcobat 9 for a user on a machine running Office 2010, Word would crash within seconds of Opening. This is because Acrobat 9 is incompatible with Office 2010. But with it hanging so quickly, I needed to open Word without any Add-Ins so I can disable the Acrobat Add-In.

Here’s how.

Method 1

Hold the CTRL key down while clicking on the Office Application you would like to open.

You’ll be greeted by the following prompt:

Youre holding down the CTRL Key. Do you want to start Word in safe mode

Click Yes to continue opening Word in Safe Mode.

Method 2

Browse to the path of WinWord.exe, for Office 2010 it is usually C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14Winword.exe

WinWord.exe path

Copy and paste this into the “Search Programs and Files” area of the Start Menu, put it in quotes then add the /a switch to the end.

“C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14Winword.exe” /a

Word will now open without any Add-Ins.

To disable the problematic Add-In, click File, Options, Add-Ins. Select the type of Add-In from the Mange dropdown menu at the bottom of the dialogue box, and click Go.

Word Options Add-InsIn the next dialogue Add-Ins dialogue box uncheck the Add-In and (optionally select remove), click ok, and restart Word.

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2 thoughts on “How to open Office applications in Safe Mode (without Add-Ins)

  1. Mary Christine McCarthy

    I got the furthest with your information, however, I was unable to uncheck the offending addin as my computer window pop-up stated that permission was given by the administrator to all users of the computer and only the administrator could change or delete permission. So how do I tell my computer that I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR…IT IS MY SOLE LAPTOP!!! LOL…How did we ever get into this fix where machines have absolute power over us…!!! and tell us what we can an cannot do. Of course I realize it is ignorance on the part of the user (me) that I cannot get this blasted machine to work correctly for me.
    My problem started when my Windows 10 newer computer would not allow my QUICKBOOKS 2010 to work anymore and neither MS or QB support have been helpful. If had been working fine for the past year but with the last Windows Update two of my programs quit. Quickbooks being one of them. I restored to a previous point and the other program started working but not QB. I also found on line how to inactivate Automatic Windows Updates. Which I did!

  2. Anita Evans

    Thank you for your post. I appreciate your clear instructions. This did not make my issue go away which is that when I click the Insert Picture or Insert Text or if I try to open and browse to a document, it will not open the dialog box. You an see the application blink in the background like the instruction is firing but it is being blocked by something.

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