Veeam file level restore error – No disks have been mounted

veeam-it-just-works While performing a test restore recently I received the following error message from Veeam Backup and Replication v7 R2.

“No disks have been mounted. Either disks of this type aren’t supported or some errors occurred. See log file for details.”

Veeam - No disks have been mounted. Either disks of this type arent supported or some errors occurred.

To view the log files browse to C:ProgramDataVeeamBackup, and look for the log file Veeam.File.Explorer_date_time.log, there are a lot of files here so a quick sort by date is useful.

It looks like it is a known issue since version 5.x, and the resolution is to reboot the Veeam server. This to me seems a bit inconvenient especially if you are doing a disk to disk to tape and the need to restore a file before the tape job finishes.

The Veeam kb article can be found here.

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