How to backup Microsoft OneNote notebooks

Microsoft OneNote

I’ve not been using Microsoft OneNote for very long, maybe six months now, but I love it! It’s one of the hidden gems in the Microsoft Office Suite, and has been a core application since Office 2010, making it available in all versions.

It took a while to get used to how it works, and sometimes I find it can look a bit messy, but the ability to make notes in it, print to it, save images and text, and have a section for different clients and projects, and then sub pages within each section makes organisation a dream. It seems to me like a digital ring binder, just without the weight and bulk. And the best thing about it is that it will synchronize between devices, so work i start on my laptop onsite is available on my PC in the office or on my Android phone when i am on the move.

OneNote’s ability to synchronise between devices for me is its key feature, but as well as synchronising changes you wanted to make it will also synchronise any mistakes and deletions you make too, so I think it is pretty important to keep it regularly backed up, so here’s how.

In OneNote, Select the File tab, and click Options.

OneNote - File - OptionsSelect Save & Backup from the left hand menu.

OneNote - File - Options - Save and BackupHere you can modify the backup folder location, you can set the frequency of automatic backups from every 1 minute to every 6 weeks. You can set the number of backup copies to keep, you can start a manual backup of all notebookes, or just backup changed files.

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