How to clear cached web content in Firefox


Some Router and Storage GUIs require cached web content to be cleared after a firmware update if there have been major changes in the web interface.

For Firefox especially I find the location isn’t very intuitive, so to remind myself as much as anything else, here are two ways to clear the cached web content in Firefox. These instructions are for the lastest verison of Firefox – 29, but should be very similar for older versions.

Method 1

If you have a Menu bar, click ToolsOptions.

Tools - OptionsIf you don’t have a Menu bar, click the Open menu icon, then click Options.

Open menu - OptionsOnce the Option dialogue box is open, select the Advanced tab, then select the Network tab.

Options - Advanced Tab - Network TabIn the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now. Then click OK.

Method 2

Follow the instructions above to get to the Options dialogue box.

The select the Privacy tab and click clear your recent history.

Firefox - Options - PrivacyA new dialogue box will pop up.

Clear your recent historyClick the down arrow next to Details.

Clear your recent history - detailsIn the time range select everything, and in the Details panel, deselect everything except for Cache. Then click Clear Now.

Click OK to close the Options dialogue box and you cached web content has now been cleared.

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