How to reset Firefox to default settings


Occasionally if Firefox is becoming slow or you’ve suffered from a dose of persistant adware or popups you may need to reset Firefox back to its default settings.

This is quite a simple task but differs for each browser, so i thought I would document the process. These instructions are for the lastest verison of Firefox – 29, but should be very similar for older versions.

If you have the Menu bar showing in Firefox, click HelpTroublshooting Information.

Firefox with menu bar - Help - Troubleshooting InformationIf you don’t have a Menu bar showing, click the Open menu button, then click the Question mark icon.

Firefox without the menu bar - HelpNext click Troublshooting Information.

Firefox without the menu bar - Help - Troubleshooting InformationThis will take you to the Troubleshooting Information Page. Click Reset Firefox.

Troublshooting Information PageYou will see the following dialogue box. Click Reset Firefox.

Reset FirefoxFirefox will reset itself, close, then import Cookies, Browsing History & Bookmarks, Other Data, and Windows and Tabs.

Firefox Import WizardIt’ll then clean up your old data, and restart.

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