How to view historic backup logs in Veeam 7


A client recently wanted to view some historic Veeam backup logs for a particular backup job, but the Veeam Backup and Replication console by default only shows 500 sessions, which didn’t go far enough back in time.

There are two options to view the historic backup logs, the first is to increase the session history in the Veeam Backup and Replication console, but this will do it for all jobs, so if you have a lot of jobs configured may be unwieldly, the second is to create a Support Information log for the particular backup job in question.

Option 1: Increase the session history

In Veeam Backup and Replication, select the Menu in the top left hand corner, then select Options.

Veeam - OptionsClick the History tab, and either specify the numbe rof sessions to display, or select Show all sessions.

Veeam - Options - History

In the image below, maybe showing all sessions isn’t such a great idea! The console however was still very usable, but managing 116,000 sessions is a bit over the top.

Veeam - Options - Show all sessionsYou’ll now be able to Select History and browse to the historic backup logs you want to view.

Option 2: Create a Support Information log

In Veeam Backup and Replication, select the Menu in the top left hand corner, then select HelpSupport Information.

Menu - Help - Support InformationSelect Export logs for this job:, and click Choose.

Export Logs - Scope - Export logs for this jobBrowse to the backup job you want to get the history for, and click OK.

Select Jobs

Select either Collect logs for the last xx days, Collect logs for the specified time period, or Collect all logs. In the example below I’ve selected a date range. Click Next.

Export Logs - Date Range

Select a location for the logs, the default is c:templogs. If you want to look at them locally you may want to deslect the Prepare logs package for technical support option. Click Next.

Export Logs - Location

Wait a couple of minutes for the logs to be generated, depending on the options you’ve selected. Then click Finish.

Export Logs - Export Progress

In File Explorer, browse to C:templogsVeeam Support Logs. Open the HTML file. In this case it is pretty small, but I have seen it over 50MB in size.

Veeam Support LogsAn example of the log generated is below.

Veeam Support Log HTML file.

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