How to remote wipe a mobile phone using Outlook Web Access

Microsoft Exchange

In this post I walk through how to remote wipe your mobile phone using Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This can be useful if you have lost your phone or it had it stolen, or if you have just replaced it with a new one.

Firstly you’ll need to know your Outlook Web Acces (OWA) address. For most Microsoft SBS 2007/2010 servers it will be:, where is your domain name. So for it would be:

Other common variations may use webmail or mail instead of remote.

Login to OWA. Depending on how your Exchange Server is setup you may be able to login with your email address otherwise it will be with the same username and password you login to your computer with.

OWA login

Once logged in click Options in the top right hand corner and then click See All Options.

Options - See All Options

Next on the left hand side click Phone, this will display all mobile devices associated with your account.

Options - Phone

Highlight the device you want to wipe (it is quite possible you have a number of devices here if you have had several company phones). You can check the last sync date, or highlight the phone and click the Details button for further information on the phone. Next click Wipe Device.

Options - Phone - Highlight Phone - Wipe Device

Click Yes at the “Are you sure you want to wipe your device?” prompt.

Are you sure you want to wipe your device

Once your phone is wiped you can highlight it and click the Delete button, to remove it from your account.

Below is an example if you click the Details button.


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