How to change the AutoPlay settings on Windows 8.1 when a memory card is inserted

Windows 8.1

I’m a keen photographer and for years have been using Breeze Downloader Pro to download photos from memory cards to my computer, before editing them in Adobe Lightroom.

Recently though I’ve been trying to simplify my workflow and found the built in import facility in Adobe Lightroom to be really good as you can add keyword metadata and automatically build previews when you import them which saves a lot of time.

So I needed to change the AutoPlay action when a memory card was inserted.

Go into Control Panel, either by Ctrl + X, and selecting Control Panel, then select AutoPlay. Or by going to the Start Screen and typing Autoplay.

Autoplay settingsIn the Camera storage section, click the dropdown dialogue box to see the options available to you. These will be different depending on the program you have installed on your computer.

Autoplay - camera storage - optionsClick Save, and you’re done.

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