Dell Server Update Utility SUU 14.10 released

Dell Server Update Utility

EDIT: Version 17.10 has now been released, see the post Dell EMC Server Update Utility SUU 17.10 released.

The latest version of Dell Server Update Utility (SUU 14.10.00) has been released. The SUU is an application used to help patch Dell PowerEdge servers. It will compare currently installed drivers and firmware with those available on the DVD or mounted iso file.

The new update was released mid October.

Dell now have a product support page for the Server Update Utility which can be found on the link below. As yet there are no details for version 14.10, but the previous version 14.07 has more information.

Manuals & documentation for your Dell Server Update Utility 14.10.00

Manuals & documentation for your Dell Server Update Utility 14.07.00

The Dell Server Update Utility SUU 14.10.00 release can be downloaded below, and is now a whopping 9.9GB in size, and was too big to burn the the Dual Layer DVD. So mounting the iso is the best option. There appear to be two versions which list different supported hardware.

To make sure it is compatible with your Dell PowerEdge server I recommend you go to their technical support website, enter your Server’s TAG, and then look in the System Management section for the latest version for your server.

Dell Server Update Utility SUU

Dell Server Update Utility SUU

Dell SUU 14.10

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