How to stop Server Manager appearing at startup for users on a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Server

Windows Server 2012 R2

After deploying a RDS (formerly Terminal Server) server for a client recently, every time a user logged on Server Manager was loading at start up. This is pretty undesirable behaviour as it will only confuse or annoy users, and there is nothing of relevance there for them, so the best solution is to stop it from appearing.

In this post I’ll look at how to stop Server Manager from loading at start up.

The Server Manager running at start up is actually controlled by Windows Task Scheduler. If you drill down into Task Scheduler Library – Microsoft – Windows – Server Manager, you’ll see a task to start Server Manager. The key thing to note is the Trigger is set for “At log on of any user”.

Task SchedulerSo we need to change the Trigger.

Click the Triggers tab, highlight the Trigger “At log on” and click Edit.

Server Manager Properties - Trigger

Change the radio button from Any user to Specific user, and click OK. In the example below it is enabled for the admin account.

Edit Trigger - specific user

Give is a quick test and you should only see Server Manager when you log in with the admin account (or account of your choosing).

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  1. Toni Novak

    Thank you so much! We just started using RDP with our new server and our IT guy wasn’t sure this could be accomplished. I’m not even our IT person and I was able to make this change with these instructions and now we don’t have to worry about confusing everyone when they log on.

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