How to resolve VMware Workstation “The network bridge on device ‘VMnet0’ is not running”


So I turned on my test SBS 2011 server today to test out the latest Exchange Update Rollup and was greeted by an VM  that was hanging on startup. Looking into the issue more closely the virtual network adapter was disconnected and when I tried to select ‘connect’ I received the following error message:

The network bridge on device ‘VMnet0’ is not running. The virtual machine will not be able to communicate with the host or with other machines on your network. Failed to connect virtual device ‘Ethernet0’.

the network bridge on device vmnet0 is not running failed to connect to virtual device ethernet0

Having completed some Windows Updates recently I wondered whether that had changed any of my network settings, and looking at my primary adapter there was no VMware bridge service running.

So here’s how to fix the issue:

  1. On the host computer open the Network and Sharing Center.Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click on Change adapter settings.Change Adapter Settings
  3. Right click your network adapter and select properties.Ethernet Properties
  4. Click Install and select the Network Feature Type – Service. Then click Add.Select Network Feature Type - Service
  5. Select Network Service – VMware Inc – VMware Bridge Protocol, click OK. Select Network Service - VMware Inc - VMware Bridge Protocol
  6. You should now see VMware Bridge Protocol. Click Ok again.Ethernet Properties with VMware Bridge Protocol
  7. Go back to your VM and network connectivity should be returned.

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14 thoughts on “How to resolve VMware Workstation “The network bridge on device ‘VMnet0’ is not running”

  1. Sean

    Thanks. I was left with this problem after the win10 "anniversary update" today. I've noticed quite a few "update and break" situations already.

  2. Simon

    Hello, I’m trying to connect my virtual machine running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 to my host machine running Windows 10 and I am getting the error as above. I have followed your instructions but it still won’t connect. Same error as before. I’m using Workstation 11? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Noe

    Hello this is awesome. I have seen a post similar to this and it looks like this is a great workaround to the Bridge connection issue. However, I’m having difficulties selecting VMWare in step 5. When I select Service in step 4, I do not get the option to choose VMWare in step 5. How do I go about to install this?

    Thank you

  4. Chad Stone

    I’m not seeing the VMnet 1 and 8 as an option and this isn’t working for me, but I have the bridge protocol that is necessary. Has anyone seen this?

  5. Catherine de glas

    Hello, vme0 doesn’t appear in my network. I bridged vmnet0 with my wifi card in virtual netw editor, if I check my vm, I see it bridged.

    Any idea?

    Thank you


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