How to enable USB 3 on Dell PowerEdge 13G servers

Dell Server Update Utility

In this post I will look at how to enable USB 3 on Dell PowerEdge 13G servers, by default it is disabled.

I’ve been copying around a few large image backup files recently and turning on USB 3 has greatly reduced the time it takes to transfer these large files. This is especially useful if you are seeding remote/cloud backups.

1. Reboot the server and press F2 = System Setup during boot.

f2-system-setup2. Select System BIOS.

dell-poweredge-system-setup-main-menu-system-bios3. Select Integrated Devices.

dell-poweredge-t630-system-bios-settings-integrated-devices4. Select the Enabled radio button for the USB 3.0 Setting.

dell-poweredge-t630-system-bios-settings-integrated-devices5. Click OK to the warning message: Warning: Choose this option only if your Operating System has USB 3.0 drivers.

warning-choose-this-option-only-if-your-operating-system-has-usb-3-0-drivers6. Click Finish. Click Yes to Saving Changes.

warning-saving-changesYou should see the Success dialogue box.

saving-changes-the-settings-were-saved-successfully7. Click Finish again, and click Yes to confirm you want to reboot.

dell-poweredge-system-setup-main-menu-system-bios-are-yousure-you-want-to-exitOnce rebooted USB 3 should be enabled.



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