How to display external bandwidth reports in WatchGuard Dimension


Here’s a quick WatchGuard tip. I had to do some analysis on bandwidth usage recently, but although I could see the live usage via system manager there was no report for external bandwidth utilisation in WatchGuard Dimension.

To be able to report on bandwidth utilisation in WatchGuard Dimension you need to enable Performance Statistics logging on the WatchGuard Firebox. Here’s how to do it.

In Policy Manager, select the setup menu and Logging option.


On the Logging setup page, click the Performance Statistics button.


In the Performance Statistics dialogue box, tick the External interface and VPN bandwidth statistics check box, and click ok.


Save the configuration to the Firebox then head over to your WatchGuard Dimension installation.

Login to WatchGuard Dimension, and select your Firebox, then click Reports – Traffic – External Bandwidth.


watchguard-dimension-external-bandwidth-reportYou’ll have to wait for the statistics to be generated but if you take a look after a day or so you’ll have some data to generate reports with.

If you want to show the client you can export to PDF in the top right corner.

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