How to turn off Windows Update notifications for users on Server 2016 RDS

Windows Server

If you are running a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server (terminal server), you don’t want the end users being notified there are updates to be applied, because they won’t have permission to apply them.

Use this quick GPO setting to disable the end user notification of Windows Updates.

Hopefully you already have your RDS servers in their own Organisational Unit (OU)? If not, I would start by creating an OU for them, and moving them into it.

Once your RDS server’s are in their own OU, open up Group Policy Management, and create a new GPO.

Below  I called my policy RDS Servers – Turn off Windows Update notifications. Edit the policy then browse to Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Allow non-administrators to receive update notifications change the setting to Disabled.


Link the policy to the OU, then on the RDS server either wait for it to take effect, or run a gpupdate /force, and end users should no longer see Windows Update notifications.

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2 thoughts on “How to turn off Windows Update notifications for users on Server 2016 RDS

  1. Stephen Barrett

    Annoyingly this doesn’t seem to prevent RDS users on Server2016 getting update prompts, still have 2016 RDS users getting update prompts.

    Have enabled “Remove access to use all Windows Update features” so they can’t do anything with them, but it’s annoying.

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