WatchGuard Fireware v12.0.2 released


Note: Fireware v12.1 is now available, see here for details.

WatchGuard Fireware v12.0.2 was released on 4 December 2017. This replaces the previous version of 12.0.1.

Full release notes can be found here. Please read them before upgrading! Your Firebox must be running, XTM v11.7.5, v11.8.4 or v11.9 or higher before upgrading.

Fireware v12.x is not supported on Firebox X 5 Series devices, models 505, 510, 520 or 530.

There is a new Gateway AV Engine in Fireware 12.0 and beyond, so the first time you upgrade to 12.0.x a new signature definition will need to be downloaded which can take 7-10 minutes, future definitions are incremental and much quicker.

The software can be downloaded from here.

Enhancements and resolved issues in 12.0.2 (source: Fireware Release Notes)

  • General

    • This release resolves an issue that prevented certificates from being restored in a backup image. [FBX-8705]
    • The Firebox now correctly sends a new DNS query for configured FDQNs after current DNS information expires. [FBX-2531]
    • When you use Policy Manager in Japanese, it now correctly loads all system information from the configuration file. [FBX-9037]
    • WebBlocker cache configuration no longer causes Management Server templates to fail to save. [FBX-9018]

    Proxies and Services

    • This release resolves an issue that prevented an HTTP POST request from completing though an HTTP Proxy with Gateway AV enabled. [FBX-8742]
    • This release resolves an issue that caused some websites to fail to load correctly through an HTTP proxy when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Edge browser. [FBX-8995]
    • This release resolves a proxy process crash when changing proxy actions associated with a proxy policy. [FBX-8900]
    • Encoding errors no longer appear when users download gzip-encoded files. All page elements now render correctly when using the HTTP proxy with Gateway AV Scan errors set to Allow[FBX-8066]
    • This release resolves a memory leak associated with HTTP proxy gzip file scanning. [FBX-9079]
    • Firebox System Manager now displays the last Subscription Service update with the correct timezone instead of UTC. [FBX-8479]


    • This release resolves an issue that prevented certificates from correctly synchronizing between FireCluster members. [FBX-7547]
    • A FireCluster process crash has been resolved. [FBX-8283]


    • This release adds the option to mitigate the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability for client connections to wireless Fireboxes. [FBX-8418]
    • You can now use Policy Manager to install AP 100/102/200 firmware on XTMv devices. [FBX-7903]
    • Firebox System Manager > Gateway Wireless Controller now correctly sorts AP devices by the number of clients. [FBX-2737]

For more detailed information see the presentation below.
What’s New in Fireware v12.0.2

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