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How to turn off Windows Update notifications for users on Server 2016 RDS

Windows Server

If you are running a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server (terminal server), you don’t want the end users being notified there are updates to be applied, because they won’t have permission to apply them.

Use this quick GPO setting to disable the end user notification of Windows Updates.

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How to expand a Dell Perc H710 raid array

Dell Server Update Utility

In this post I’ll take a step by step look at how to expand a raid array on the Dell Perc H710 raid controller.

The initial raid configuration will often be performed through the Perc bios utility if you are old school, nowadays though it can be configured within the Lifecycle controller during the initial server setup. But if you want to expand an array at a later date after deployment then we can use the Dell Server Administrator to perform the task.

Follow the steps below.

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Where’s Microsoft Edge browser on Server 2016?

Windows Server
If you are looking for the Microsoft Edge browser on Server 2016, look no further, it isn’t available! This is due to Windows Server 2016 being in the Long-Term Servicing Branch and the quicker rate of change of the Edge browser can’t be supported.

The official response from Microsoft is:
“The Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) versions of Windows, including Windows Server 2016, don’t include Microsoft Edge or many other Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. These apps and their services are frequently updated with new functionality, and can’t be supported on systems running the LTSB operating systems. For customers who require the LTSB for specialized devices, we recommend using Internet Explorer 11.”


It’s a shame not to have a consistent user experience between Windows 10 and Server 2016 especially in environments that use Remote Desktop Services.

How to enable Windows Time Service Auditing

Windows Server
Accurate time in a domain environment is essential for authentication between clients and servers to work correctly. Kerberos v5 protocol requires a tolerance of less than 5 minutes, anything more than this and you will get authentication errors.

I’ve recently been investigating a a server who’s time leaped 28 days into the future! So wanted to start auditing the Windows Time service to see what made the change.

So in this blog post I’ll show you how to enable Windows Time service auditing.

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Dell EMC Server Update Utility SUU 17.10.00 released

Dell Server Update Utility

The latest version of Dell EMC Server Update Utility (Dell SUU) 17.10.00 was released on the 17th October 2017. The Dell EMC SUU is an application used to help patch Dell PowerEdge servers. It will compare currently installed drivers and firmware with those available on the mounted iso file.

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WatchGuard Fireware v12.0.1 released


Note: Fireware v12.1 is now available, see here for details.

Update – 10/11/17 A new build of 12.0.1 (build 546110) has been released for M200 and M300 devices. If you haven’t updated already, maybe wait a week to make sure this build is ok before upgrading. Having a remote Firecluster die on you isn’t fun, as happened with our upgrade to the original 12.0.1 Fireware!

Fireware 12.0.1 builde 546110 M200 M300 issue

Update – 07/11/17 don’t install 12.0.1 on a M200 or M300 Firecluster yet. The download has been temporarily pulled from the WatchGuard website for these products only. 

WatchGuard Fireware v12.0.1 was released on 31 October 2017. This replaces the previous version of 12.0.0.

Full release notes can be found here. Please read them before upgrading! Your Firebox must be running, XTM v11.7.5, v11.8.4 or v11.9 or higher before upgrading. Continue reading

VMware vCenter Server Build Numbers and Lifecycle Matrix


I’m still doing a lot of VMware work at the moment, so to go alongside the ESXi build numbers blog post, below is a list of vCenter Server Build numbers, and Lifecycle support matrix for them.

The latest version is vCenter Server 6.5 Update 1 released 27th July 2017.

Below is a snapshot of the current versions as of 24 October 2017.

As with any new software test in a development environment first before upgrading to a new major version, let others lead the way on the bleeding edge and wait for Patch 1 to be released.

Lifecycle Matrix
Version 6.5
Version 6.0
Version 5.5
Version 5.1
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