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Google Chrome: Send to your devices

Google ChromeIf you’re like me you’ll find yourself browsing the web on multiple devices. During the day and at work I use my laptop and then in the evening I’ll use my phone. Wouldn’t it be great though if you could start reading an article on one device and finish it on another?

Recently (or recently to me) on my laptop there’s been a new icon on my Google Chrome address bar, on the right hand site. Send to your devices.  Click the icon and a popup shows up displaying your other devices. I can now send websites from my laptop to my phone! Useful if you start researching in the office and have a long commute on the train/ferry/coach and want to carry on where you left off.

Chrome Send to your devices

Sending the other way from phone to laptop is just as easy, and has been around for ages.  Click in the address bar, and select the share icon (highlighted in the red box).

Android - Chrome - address bar - share

Then select the Send to your devices button, simple!

Android - Chrome - Send to your devices

There’ll be more in depth posts following shortly. I thought i’d ease myself back into it with a quick and simple post as it’s been almost a year since my last post!