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Exchange 2013 Initial Configuration Settings: Rename and move the default mailbox database and logs (part 3)

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Following on from the previous post Exchange 2013 Initial Configuration Settings: Setting default email address policies (Part 2), in the third part of the series I’ll look at renaming the mailbox database.

To help with Exchange Server management it is important to keep things as simple and logical as possible, and a properly named mailbox database can greatly aid in the administration of the server. Give it a unique descriptive name to your company for example e.g. OxSBSEngineeringMailbox01 or OXSBS-MBX-Execs-01, and once you have created a naming convetion stick to it.

In this example because I mostly work with SMEs who have one mailbox database so I’m going to call our database OxfordSBSGuy-Users-MBX01 for to me this means OxfordSBSGuy Users Mailbox Database 01.

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