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Outlook 2013: How to save Sent Items in a Shared Mailbox

Outlook 2013

In this post I’ll show you how to save Sent Items in a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010.

In a lot of companies I work with there are instances where a department will use a Shared Mailbox which users will have Send As permissions to. When a user sends an email as the shared mailbox it will often end up inthe user’s Sent Items rather than the Shared Mailbox’s Sent Item.

To change this behaviour you need to make a Registry Edit.

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How to open Office applications in Safe Mode (without Add-Ins)

Microsoft Office 2010

After reinstalling Adobe Arcobat 9 for a user on a machine running Office 2010, Word would crash within seconds of Opening. This is because Acrobat 9 is incompatible with Office 2010. But with it hanging so quickly, I needed to open Word without any Add-Ins so I can disable the Acrobat Add-In.

Here’s how.

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Office 2010, orange icons and KB2589275

Microsoft Office 2010

I’ve had a couple of clients today with an interesting issue, where their Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents all turn orange and do not open when double clicked.

Office 2010 Orange iconsIt seems that the installation of windows update kb2589275 causes the issue. More specifically, the users that I have had affected so far have had Office Pro Plus 2010 installed and it appears that the update adds Microsoft Office 2010 to the Program and Features.

Windows Update HistoryCompare KB2589275 above to the install date of Microsoft Office 2010 below.

Programs and FeaturesI’ve had success in resolving the issue by uninstalling the Microsoft Office 2010 program, leaving the original version installed (preferred method), and also on another machine doing and Office repair on the original installation of Office 2010 Pro Plus. It is also possible to just recreate the file associations to resolve the issue but I think it is much better to just have the proper (intended) copy of Office installed.

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Office 2010 Learning Resources

Hi All,

If you’ve made the switch to Office 2010 or still considering it check out the posts below by Eric Ligman. He has put together a wealth of resources to get you started with Office 2010.

I know it has been out for ages, and Office 2012/13 is just around the corner, but I have many customers who haven’t yet taken the plunge, or have only just done so and will find this really useful.

Microsoft Office 2010 “How to” skill builder series.

Microsoft Office 2010 traininMicrosoft Office training courses, online training, downloadable training, shortcuts, how to’s and more.

Happy learning!!