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Windows 10: How to stop drivers installing from Windows Update

Windows 10

I’ve recently upgraded my home lab from running Windows 8.1 to running Windows 10. It wasn’t an inplace upgrade, as I replaced the OS drive so it was a fresh install onto an SSD, all was going swimmingly until i hit an issue with Windows Update replacing some of my drivers.

While the initial installation went ok, Windows Update ran and patched without a hitch. I then spent some time putting on the latest vendor drivers from Asus for the motherboard and AMD for the graphics card. The system ran perfectly for a couple of days until the next round of Windows Updates. After that Internet connectivity was intermittent, pings were dropping left, right and center making remote access impossible. On further investigation the network card driver had reverted from my Intel 82579LM to a Microsoft driver!

Well after unisnstalling the Microsoft driver, a scan for hardware changes and reinstalling the network card driver, the system was working well again, but I wanted to stop Windows Update from installing drivers for me in future.

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How to: Fix Windows 10 upgrade error code 80240020

Windows 10

Having been running the technical previews of Windows 10 for quite a while I wanted to get it on our home laptop as soon as possible, well I finally managed to find some time last week to try the in place upgrade, and it didn’t quite to plan!

I completely patched our Windows 8.1 laptop so that it was up to date, all important and optional updates installed. I’d signed up to reserve my copy of Windows 10, and left the laptop on hoping it would download in the background and surprise me, but after a a few hours and no action I thought I’d better investigate. Continue reading

Windows 10 Resources

Windows 10


With Windows 10 being released next week on the 29th July I thought it was about time I put together some resources for the early adopters among you.

I’ve been using Windows 10 for the past few months on my laptop and have found the tech previews to be very reliable, so am excited to see what features make it into the final edition.

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals

First up we have “Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals” (ISBN 9780735696969) by Ed Bott. It’s base on the Tech preview as of April 2015 and will be updated once the final version has been released.

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals – PDF, MOBI, EPUB


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