Useful Tools

Below is a collection of useful websites and tools that I find myself using on an regular basis. Useful website for checking DNS propogation.
Excellent MX record and Blacklist checking website. Excellent general purpose DNS and Network tools website. Good reverse DNS checking website. Good free training resource for Microsoft products.
windirstat WinDirStat visual representation of used disk space.
mRemote mRemote – (mremoteNG) – resource to keep all your RDP connections in order. I’ve used mRemote for years, but it is no longer available, mRemoteNG is a fork of the code, I’ve yet to test it but it looks identical and is still being developed.
Putty free Telnet, SSH, Serial client for Windows by Simon Tatham. A really useful tool for Switch, ESXi and Terminal Sessions.
SamSpade Sam Spade – great little DNS query tool for Windows, useful for check nameservers, MX records, whois information.
ClassicShell Classic Shell Windows 8 and 8.1 Start Menu that I’ve been using since I upgraded. Really useful, great little program.
TeamViewer TeamViewer – http://www.teamviewer.comExcellent remote support/remote connection program.

FileZilla FTP Client Filezilla FTP Client – FTP client and server.
IrfanView Irfanview – and quick image viewer. I mainly use for cropping images, and batch processing.
CutePDF CutePDF PDF writer
SyncToy Sync Toy simple File synchronisation program by Microsoft.
TrueCrypt Truecrypt you synchronise files, you’re going to want a secure environment to store them. TrueCrypt is great free open-source disk encryption software.
Evernote Evernote tool for keeping notes, and synchronising them between devices.
Veeam Veeam’ve used the full version of Veeam with VMware for nearly four years, and with Hyper-V for the past year. The free version is packed with many of the features from the paid for versions.